Woodjam Projects

The Woodjam copper gold porphyry project is located in south-central British Columbia. The project covers approximately 64,088 hectares and is 100% owned by Consolidated Woodjam Copper Corp. It is located 50 km east of the community of Williams Lake in a low elevation flat to undulating landscape, well accessed by logging roads and in close proximity to hydro power and rail.

Gold Fields completed expenditures exceeding Cdn$7 million on Woodjam North and US$7 million on Woodjam South to earn its 51% interest (February 2012). In August 2015 Gold Fields vended its 51% into Consolidated Woodjam Copper for shares and a royalty on the property. Consolidated Woodjam Copper now controls 100% of the Woodjam property subject to underlying royalties to Gold Fields.

Woodjam is located within the prolific Quesnel Trough more recently referred to as the Quesnel Terrane. It represents a large regional depositional belt commonly dominated by alkalic volcanic units and related volcaniclastic lithologies and hosts both alkaline and calc-alkaline porphyry copper+/-gold+/-molybdenum deposits. The Quesnel terrane extends for »2,000 km northward from the US border and contains the Copper Mountain, New Afton, Highland Valley Copper, Mount Polley, Mount Milligan and Kemess mines.

To date, six zones of porphyry mineralization (Megabuck, Deerhorn, Takom, Three Firs, Southeast, Megaton) have been identified at Woodjam by drilling (95,092 meters in 281 holes since 2009 and a further 114 holes, 30,092 meters predominantly from 1998). These six mineralized zones form a cluster approximately 5 km in diameter. The Megabuck and Takom Zones were occurrences documented previous to 1998 but largely untested until after 2003 while the larger Southeast Zone and Deerhorn Zone were discovered in 2007 and 2008 respectively. In 2012 the Three Firs Zone was discovered and in 2012 the Megaton Zone discovered. In 2017, the undrilled outcropping Canyon Zone was discovered and has yet to be followed up. To view a map of the zone locations, click here.

The Megabuck and Deerhorn zones appear similar in style, with gold-copper mineralization being hosted by alkaline to sub-alkaline monzodioritic intrusive rocks and Nicola Group volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks. Mineralization at the Southeast Zone is calc-alkaline in character, hosted in quartz monzonitic phases of the Takomkane batholith. The Takom and Three Firs zones share attributes with both alkaline and calcalkaline styles. The age of mineralization for all zones appears to be tightly constrained at 197 to 198 Ma implying a link to a single large hydrothermal (porphyry) system.


Woodjam North

The four drill tested gold-copper mineralized zones on the Woodjam North Property are Megabuck, Deerhorn, Takom and Three Firs. The new Canyon Zone has never been drill tested. Find out more here

Woodjam South

Woodjam South contains the Southeast Zone, a porphyry copper-gold-molybdenum discovery with significant size potential. Find out more here.